John Jay High School PTO

Funding Request / Reimbursement Form

 Requesting PTO funds for school-related expenses is a TWO step process.

1) Please complete the “Request” portion of this form BEFORE incurring any expenses.  Email the form to the PTO or place in the PTO mailbox. Once you receive a confirmation from the PTO for funds…….

2) Complete the “Reimbursement” portion of this form, attach receipts and resubmit to the PTO via email or place in the PTO mailbox at JJHS.  The PTO will only reimburse expenses that have been approved and that are supported by actual receipts.

If you have any questions please contact the PTO at


Your Name:_______________________________________________________

Date Submitted:___________________________________________________

Amount Requested:_________________________________________________

Reason for Request: ________________________________________________



Date Submitted:  ___________________________________________________

Receipts Attached for Reimbursement of $__________________________________

Check Payable to:  ___________________________________________________

Where to send check:_________________________________________________

Comments:  ________________________________________________________



For Treasurer’s Use Only:

 Account                                          Check #                                 Dated